Spill tray – 90 & 100L

  • Tray with grate HDPE – green finish: Ref. LABR90CNEWMP012F
  • Tray with grate HDPE – grey finish: Ref. LABR90CNEWMP056F
  • Tray without grate HDPE – green finish: Ref. LABR90NEWMP012F
  • Tray without grate HDPE – grey finish: Ref.LABR90NEWMP056F

100% HDPE with or without grate, flat bottom.
Removable grate, non-slip surface.
Ergonomic and an esthetic design, useable in laboratory or schools.
This new range offers you modern design with an ergonomic aspect.
Side Handles included.

Technical information :
Dimensions (L x w x h): 1200 x 640 x 160 mm
Grate dim. (L x w): 1176 x 622 mm
Sump capacity with grate: 90 L
Sump capacity without grate: 100 L
Load capacity: 200 kg

This “Labo-Réten” Spill Tray – 90&100L has an added support for the grate.

Find our “Labo-réten” range in our liflet:

Products Benefits

  • Ergonomic aspect
  • New design