Rainwater collector Niagara – 750L

These rainwater collectors are 100% HDPE, mass-coloured and UV treated.
No algae growth.
Cylindrical shape reduces the floor space taken while allowing for maximum sump capacity.
Designed to fit on patio, 100% recyclable, impact resistant.

Operating temperature: – 30° to +60° Celsius



Technical information:

  • Dimensions (Ø x h): 720 x 1880 mm
  • Finish: Ivory, green or grey
  • Sump capacity: 750 L
  • Empty collector weight: 35 kg

Products Benefits

Two stitching 20/27 enabling emptying or twinning.

Brass tap 15/21 Top part stopper – diameter 130 mm

The user is to connect the collector to the gutter.