2 Drum spill pallet – 240 L – Flat bottom

  • With galvanised steel grate: Ref. B2FFPG008F
  • With HDPE grate: Ref. B2FFPP008F
  • Without grate: Ref. B2FFPSC008F

Flat bottom, easy to clean.
100% HDPE with or without grate.
Removable grate in galvanised steel or in HDPE.

Technical information:
Dimensions (L x w x h): 1222 x 812 x 350 mm
Grate dim. (L x w): 1200 x 800 mm
Finish: Black (TEIN008 – RAL 9017)
Sump capacity: 240 L
Load capacity: 500 kg


Products Benefits

  • Storage for 2 drums of 220 L.
  • Flat bottom, easy to clean.

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